Elijah is a main character in season 1.

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On December the 6th 1801 Elijah was born as Elijah William Whitmore to Eric Whitmore & Nora Whitmore. He is the youngest brother of Enzo & Finn & older brother of Ava & Anna. In June 1808 when he was 6 years old Elijah meets Nate & Savannah (Nate later becomes his maker). In 1816 his mom was kill and made into a vampire. In February 1819 Elijah finds out that Nate & Savannah are vampires after him & his siblings catch them feeding on a local human in their town. Elijah starts a romantic relationship with Savannah. In October 1819 Nate decides to turn Enzo, Finn, Elijah & Ava. He didn't turn Anna because he thought she's to young since she was 11 at the time. Nate give each of the Whitmore's (Enzo, Finn, Elijah & Ava) his blood and kill them by draining them of they blood.

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