Nate Morgan is a main character in A Vampire Story.

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Nate Morgan was born as Nathaniel Thomas Morgan on May 18th 1489. Nate grow up with a poor family usually stealing food to survive. In 1505 at age 16 Nate got marry to a rich girl name Annie. Annie got disown by her family for marring someone who as no money like Nate. In June 1507 Nate & Annie's oldest daughter Ainsley was born as Ainsley Violet Morgan making him a father at 18. In January 1510 he & Annie had twins one boy & one girl which their name Elsa "Elsie" Claire Morgan & Giuseppe Issac Morgan. In January 1513 Nate & Annie's youngest child & daughter Evelyn "Evie" Rosemary Morgan was born. Unfortunately Annie died giving birth to Evie leaving Nate to take care of their four children alone. In 1516 Nate gives Elsie a stuffed teddy for her birthday. Later that night at the bar Nate gets stab in the stomach and save by vampire Savannah Kingsley. The next day Nate wakes up in Savannah's house releasing Savannah save his life (by giving him vampire blood). Nate is thankful to Savannah & quickly their fall in love with each other. Later that week Nate introduced Savannah to his children. In January 1519 Savannah & Nate planned to get married in the Fall. In September 10th 1519 Savannah realized she will same the same age forever & Nate will grow old & die. Savannah decides to kill & turn Nate so their will be each others forevers. That night at the pub Savannah spike Nate's drink with her blood & Nate drink it. Later on Savannah stab Nate in the stomach & he dies in her arms.

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In the Pilot Nate returns to The Taylors house after a four year ascent after he learn Axel will be looking for Lily Taylor. Skye Taylor who owns the house now since the Taylor kids parents died invite Nate in.

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