Middle Ages Edit

1102 Edit

  • Savannah was born in Holland to witch parents.

1117 Edit

  • Savannah parents were burned to death after their were caught using magic.
  • Savannah ran away so the villagers won't catch her & kill her for being a witch.
  • Savannah Travels to America.

1119 Edit

  • Savannah was turned into a Vampire.

1489 Edit

  • Nate Morgan was born as Nathaniel Morganstern in America.

1499 Edit

1505 Edit

  • Nate got married.

June 23rd 1507 Edit

1509 Edit

  • 10 yr old Davina parents were burn to stake.

January 8th 1510 Edit

  • Nate's twins Giuseppe Morganstern & Elsie Morganstern were born as Giuseppe Morganstern & Elsa Morganstern.

1511 Edit

  • Savannah meets a 12 year old orphan girl name Davina Mitchell
  • She takes Davina under her wing.

January 26th 1513 Edit

  • Nate's youngest daughter Evie Morganstern were born as Evelyn Morganstern. Nate's wife died in child birth.

January 8th 1516 Edit

  • For Elsie's 6th birthday Nate gives her a Teddy which she name Franky.

February 1516 Edit

  • Nate meets Savannah.and they fall in love.

January 1519 Edit

  • Nate & Savannah get engaged.

June 23rd 1519 Edit

  • For Anisley's 12th birthday Savannah gives her a necklace to protect her.

September 10th 1519 Edit

  • Savannah turns Nate into a Vampire after he gets shot.
  • Savannah turns Nate into a Vampire a week before their were meant to get married.

September 11th 1519 Edit

  • Nate out of thirst for blood kills Elsie & Evie.
  • Giuseppe & Anisley witness their dad feeding of their sisters making Giuseppe thinking all vampires are monsters.
  • Nate left his home only taking one thing. Elsie's teddy.
  • Savannah protected Anisley & Giuseppe by making a witch put a spell on them. knowing Nate was going home to see his kids. The witch said she is only strong enough to protect two of the children so Savannah chose to protect Anisley & Giuseppe.
  • Nate angry at Savannah for what she did to him. He tells her he never wants to see her ever again and out of Revenge he told Savannah he will killed any Vampire she's sire/turn.
  • Nate turns his humanity off for the next 50 years

October 1519 Edit

  • Anisley & Giuseppe were adopted by two different families separating them from each other. They promise they will found each other again.

1520 Edit

  • Nate turns 21 year old Davina into a vampire. Making Davina his first sire.

1522 Edit

  • 15 year old Anisley was turned into a Vampire by Savannah out of Revenge for Nate leaving her.
  • After Anisley was turned she left her adopted family out of fear she will hurt them like her father did when he first turned..

`1526 Edit

  • Anisley is reunited with her brother after 7 years a part and Anisley lives with his adopted family.

1529 Edit

  • Murders start to happen in New Orleans with bite marks on the neck.
  • Giuseppe realizes his sister still looks like she's 15 when she is meant to be 22.
  • Giuseppe founds out that Anisley is a vampire and been feeding of people. He told her to leave his family house and she is dead to him & he never wants to see her monsters face again.

1539 Edit

  • Nate found out Savannah protected Anisley & Giuseppe with a spell.
  • Him not knowning Giuseppe hates him & Anisley is a vampire herself swine to stay away from them for they own safety.
  • Nate joins Savannah in her journey to create a vampire family.

1700's-2019 Edit

1794 Edit

  • Enzo Whitmore was born in Rosenfield, North Carolina as Lorenzo Whitmore.

1798 Edit

  • Finn Whitmore was born in Rosenfield, North Carolina as Finley Whitmore.

December 1801 Edit

  • Elijah Whitmore was born in Rosenfield, North Carolina as Elijah Whitmore.

May 1803 Edit

  • Ava Whitmore was born as Avalynn Whitmore in Rosenfield, North Carolina.

February 1808 Edit

  • Anna Whitmore was born as Annabelle Whitmore in Rosenfield, North Carolina.

October 1808 Edit

  • Nate & Savannah meet the Whitmore family including a 14 year old Enzo, 10 year old Finn, 6 year old Elijah, 5 year old Ava & 8 month old Anna.

1816 Edit

  • Elijah, Enzo & Ava mom dies. It was reveal later she is a vampire.

February 1819 Edit

  • Enzo, Elijah, Finn & Ava founds out what Savannah & Nate are and Enzo ask Savannah to turn them into vampires.
  • Savannah starts fooling around with Elijah.

October 1819 Edit

  • Savannah & Nate turns Enzo, Finn, Elijah & Ava into vampires.
  • Savannah decides to leave Nate to teach the baby vampires while she travel the world. He also founds out she turned Anisley (His oldest daughter into a vampire) making Nate realize the monster she is.
  • Nate angry at Savannah teach the Whitmore siblings how to kill.
  • They start they killing spear.

1824 Edit

  • Enzo kills his girlfriend out of hurnger.

1829 Edit

  • Enzo turns his daughters into vampires against their will.

1850 Edit

  • Enzo meets Davina & they fall in love. Davina joins Nate, Finn, Elijah & Ava in they killing spear.

1852 Edit

1865 Edit

  • Enzo, Ava, Finn & Elijah all left Nate so they can have they own freedom.

1872 Edit

1884 Edit

  • Enzo meets a witch name Liliana Blackwood & her 12 year old daughter Faith Blackwood. He later name Lily after them in 2004.
  • Lilliana teach Enzo the stories about a witch so powerful who is made to kill vampires.

1893 Edit

  • Amelia "Mia" Abrams was born.

1896 Edit

  • Olivia "Liv" Abrams was born.
  • Mia & Liv father leave them.

1899 Edit

  • Mia & Liv's mother dies.
  • Enzo finds them and take them under his wing.

1909 Edit

  • Enzo turns 16 year old Mia into a vampire.
  • Mia kills 13 yr old Liv by accident.

1974 Edit

1989 Edit

1993 Edit

1994 Edit

  • Skye Taylor was born as Skylar Taylor to Laura & Ryan Taylor in Rosenfield, North Carolina.

1995 Edit

1997 Edit

March 2002 Edit

  • Kaylan Edwards was born in Rosenfield, North Carolina.
  • Nate is catches by doctor Ryan Taylor and tasted on.

October 2003 Edit

  • The war against vampires & witches happen in New Orleans.
  • A vampire kills 14 year old Oakley
  • Lexi Stein was born as Alexis Stein in Rosenfield, North Carolina.
  • A witch in the Kingsley coven perform a spell on pregnant Sophie to make Lily into a super witch that has special powers to kill vampires.

November 2003 Edit

  • A.J Davis was born as Aiden-James Davis in Rosenfield, North Carolina.

February 2004 Edit

April 2004 Edit

  • Enzo helps Sophie by giving Lily to Laura & Ryan Taylor so she can have a normal childhood.
  • Nate compels Peyton, Carter & Kai to forget their family & them & their baby sister Aria was all adopted.
  • Emma Bennett was born in Rosenfield, North Carolina.

December 2008 Edit

January 2009 Edit

  • A vampire is looking for Lily to kill her but Nate break out of his cell & save 5 year old Lily.
  • Nate tells Ryan & Laura he can protect Lily.
  • Laura & Ryan tells Skye, Carson & Lily that Nate is a family friend.

February 2009 Edit

  • For Lily's 5th birthday Nate gives her Franky and tells her it once belong to someone very important to him being his daughter Elsie teddy.

December 2010 Edit

  • Addie Taylor was born as Addilynn Taylor to Skye Taylor in Rosenfield, North Carolina.

2013 Edit

  • Kai joins his biological family.

May 2014 Edit

  • Peyton graduated college early.

September 2014 Edit

  • Peyton starts medical school.

October 2015 Edit

  • Nate lost control and almost feed on Lily to death.
  • Nate gives Lily his blood when he realize what he done.
  • Laura tell Nate to leave and never come back and Nate decided it will be the best for Lily.
  • He left town for New York City. He turns his humanity off for guilt against hurting Lily.
  • He kills a whole bar of people and Enzo catches him in the act.
  • Enzo kills Laura Taylor & Ryan Taylor to get Nate back.
  • Lily, Carson & Addie move in with their grandma.

2018 Edit

  • Nate turns his humanity back on.

2019 Edit

May 29th 2019 Edit

  • Lily starts to have nightmares about vampires.

June 2019 Edit

  • Peyton graduated medical school
  • A.J & Kaylan start dating.
  • Peyton moved to Rosenfield with her daughter Dylan knowing her long lost sister Lily lives there and she gets a job as a nurse.

August 2019 Edit

  • Skye becomes the kids legal guardian.

September 12th 2019 Edit

  • First Day back at school. Lily & Carson starts their Sophomore year of high school & Addie starts the third grade.
  • Elijah starts at Rosenfield high school.
  • Emma tells Lily she is psychic later revealing she's a witch
  • Lily & Elijah first met.
  • Matt starts teaching at Rosenfield high school as a History Teacher.
  • Lily has her first vision after touching Elijah.
  • Lily asks Matt to found out information on her family.

September 13th 2019 Edit